The starting point of wireless charging

2014-4-30 14:54:29

We live in a wireless world. Mobile phone, WiFi, Bluetooth, 2G, 3G, 4G and other wireless technologies for digital equipment can network. However, from the intelligent mobile phone tabletcomputer, all of our equipment still cannot do without power line and a plug. Once the battery runs out without charge, the equipment is of no use. Therefore, the battery life has been the focus ofadvertising products, performance index and the evaluation of the list.

Imagine the following scene: just put the mobile phone in the correct position to charge. It is the goal of wireless charging. The innovation of science and technology company Fulton Innovation Engineering Manager Joshua? Shiwanneike (Joshua Schwannecke) said: "the wireless chargingallows power everywhere, battery or other power equipment can hold power is no longer arestriction."

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"Cut off" power line

WINSOK believe,in order to realize wireless freedom completely, the need to cut the last line -- power line. The technology has been applied in the birth and consumer products. A magnetic induction technology to wireless transmission of electrical energy, only the receiver with embedded devices in thecharging station to charge. The technology of power transmission efficiency is inversely proportional to the distance, but the distance is not a problem, because the power of the transmittercan be embedded into the mobile phone and other devices are usually placed, such as Coffee halltable, desk, bed and furniture. Schwan Neck said, Fulton is working with manufacturers to developthe equipment and furniture.

The market has been for iPhone mobile phone charging station and charging box. Nexus 4 and Lumia 920 can be wireless charging, there was speculation that the next generation iPhone will also use the technology. In Japan, is the popularity of wireless charging. In America, Intel demonstrated the notebook computer of a built-in wireless charger; 2013 dodge Dart (Dodge Dart) took the lead in the built-in wireless charging plate, now has a variety of models to emulate.

Multilateral cooperation

A major element of all technology is compatibility: all equipment and charging stations must beseamless, otherwise this concept will become the bubble. So the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC)emerge as the times require. WPC is committed to the development of equipment and the chargermanufacturers to comply with the standards, the existing more than 100 members, including a number of leading Fulton, HTC, Innovation, LG Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and other technology companies.

However, WPC proposed the Qi standard has not been fully accepted. WiTricity company has put forward another patent standard and has many patents. Regardless of which standard to win,wireless charging are exciting prospects.

WPC chairman Trevor J (Menno Treffers) that the Mennonites, a big advantage of wireless charging is to eliminate the psychological barriers often charging charging, because when you do not have to insert the plug, the mobile phone can be charged up down, you can use.

The broad application prospect

Trevor J and Schwan Neck think, wireless charging will end up like WiFi. Use of this technology isobviously the portable device, but its potential uses is far more than that. For example, it can also be used for charging for electric vehicle. Parking lights along the road, and even can be settransmitter. Vehicle charging needs to consume a lot of power, but the Fulton launched eCoupLED technology could charge. The next scene is probably the owner drove the car to the parking lot,took out his mobile phone to buy some of the power. Coffee hall or the airport can also providecharging services.

The technology can also be used in medical fields, such as medical implant wireless charging. This can avoid the in vivo implantation of wire, thus greatly improving the quality of life of the patients.

Schwan Neck said, there is no harm in this experiment, the magnetic field does not affect the body,at least for consumer devices generated during charging. The receiving object eCoupLED technology can detect the electrical energy transmission. Once detected, the receiving object is notrequired equipment, such as intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, the device will cut off the power supply of electric vehicles, or to alert the user.

The coordinated development of the industry

The popularity of the new technology are faced with a classic chicken and egg problem. Only thewireless charging stations all over the world, wireless charging is very attractive; however, in a large number of users with compatible devices, businesses do not have the power to install charging stations. This problem will delay the wireless charging technology, but only time can solve. "Hesaid:" the need to rationalize the use of all relations, coordination of charging facilities, the chargerinto households, technology in the product to the industry as a whole." But he believes that this is not a problem, because the user has, to enjoy the benefits of this technology.

Trevor J think, wireless charging is still in the initial stage, the development path is similar to the Wi-Fi. He Starbucks for example said: "as long as the allocation of the technology of mobile phoneusers often enough, stay there and provide power charging device, because it can attract customers." In Starbucks, customers would like to have a socket seat, suggesting that "the existence of such a demand".

As for the wireless charging technology will become the next great technology, he said: "it has the potential to transform people's lives, because it releases the battery runs out of fear."

Schwan Neck said: "I think this is a great innovation in the birth of many other important technology.Power should not make us worry. This technique makes it readily available, people will no longer have to worry about no electricity.

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